By Ursula Hennessey

My Dear Husband,

Here it is, the first day of February, 2011. We met 10 years ago this month. We’ve had a lot of ups all these years, haven’t we?

Okay, so I know you were worried about me being home alone with the kids—all the kids—all day today. It’s something like the fourth snow day we’ve had here since the start of January. It’s not only snowy today but also rainy and sleet-y.

You thought I’d snap. You thought I’d allow 14 straight hours of TV. You thought they’d strangle each other before you came home. Well, here’s some documented proof that we got through the day (somewhat) unscathed. How’s it going for you?



First, we drew pictures.

Then, we jumped and rolled on the pull-out couch.

For snack, two had bananas with a hint 'o Nutella and one had a cheese stick. Princess Ariel joined us.

While we ate, we checked out maps. Clara informed me that the Pope lives in Georgia. I responded, "That's a different Rome."

While the younger two napped, Clara read. For 1 hour. Bless her.

During nap, the one with the stomach issues had an ... issue. I washed a bunch of stuff.

While I washed stuff, the kids watched a classic. Recognize it? Hard to see past the crack in the screen, but they've adapted to it.

I collected the mail. Well, isn't this a waste of paper?

We also got another "not a bill." In other words, here's a warning that bill is coming for $779.80 unless you get on the horn. Pronto. No problem. I'll just carve out a couple of free hours to spend battling the hospital, the doctor, the insurance company, and a bevy of secretaries. That'll be easy. And fun.

Then, we did some puzzles.

It's his favorite thing to do.

We had some lunch. Two people had hummus sandwich + yogurt.

The other one had toast + carrot. Everyone was pleased.

Mommy's lunch. Ha. Actually, I had Wasa and salsa. That's fun to say fast.

Here's the "Steppy Stomes" playing field, abandoned. That's Patrick's name for a game we once called "stepping stones."

We danced around to our two favorite CDs, Ralph Covert's "The Rhyming Circus" and "At The Bottom Of The Sea."

Of course, Paddy played trains.

His sister's assistance wasn't appreciated. Cue high-pitched squeal of fury.

Clara did her own nails.

Magdalena played shaker and bells to the music.

Then, we read these books.

Paddy keeps trying to sneak upstairs.

We miss you, but we’ll make it. Only 2 hours, 48 minutes until you come home. Not that we’re counting. Take your time.



  1. Kathy Woodin says:

    LOVED your photo chronicle of the day!! Made me wish I was at your house instead of working…Keep your eyes open for some new stickers that I will be mailing tomorrow!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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