Candlelight Yoga in Our Lady’s Chapel


Are you busy Monday night? They are having candlelight yoga in Our Lady’s Chapel at the church at Fordham University. I really want to go. Will you come with me?

-No. That’s not true. You made that up.

Um, no I didn’t. I heard them announce it at Mass this morning. I heard it with my own two ears.

-Well, then you must have misheard. They wouldn’t be doing yoga in a church.

Au contraire, amigo, they are, and it’s sponsored by Fordham Campus Ministry.

-Sheesh. Jesuits.

What does that mean?

-It’s always the Jesuits, isn’t it?

Why would you say that? The pope is a Jesuit.

-I know. And I’m a Fordham man, but if these liberal Jesuits have their way they’ll be doing modern dance on the high altar before long.

What have you got against yoga? It’s just exercise. We have an obesity epidemic in this country.

-I’m well aware. But yoga is not “just exercise.” Yoga is highly connected to sacred Hindu religious beliefs. This is well-documented. There have been court cases about keeping yoga out of schools because it violates the separation of church and state.

These ACLU types will sue anyone over anything.

-Maybe, but the goal with yoga is to achieve something called “moksha,” which is a kind of spiritual and physical transcendence. Sounds pretty religious to me.

Well, that’s just silly. No one thinks that’s what yoga is about these days. It may have started as a religious practice, but it’s just exercise now.

-And what does that tell you?

That yoga is a great way to lose weight and gain focus?

-No. It tells you that if you don’t keep an eye on the way your religion is practiced then your sacred beliefs will become someone else’s downward facing dog.

Gosh. Wow. That’s a leap. You conservatives are always so paranoid. It’s only yoga.

-Yeah, it’s only yoga, just like the HHS mandate was only about ensuring access to health care.

So I guess you won’t come with me on Monday?

-No thanks. Yoga in Our Lady’s Chapel is the guitar mass of the twenty-first century.

What does that mean?

-Somebody thought it would be a great way to bring young people into the church but it will actually end up driving them away.

I’ll meditate for you.

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